Under 25 Car Rental

A Car Rental Guide for the Under 25

By Aaron Maus

Car Rental for Under 25 - Tips

Tip 1: Try to establish Credit

Tip 2: Ask an older friend or family member if you can borrow their car while you pay for a rental car for them

Tip 3: Start making your plans now. Advanced trip planning will ensure any problems will be addressed far in advance.

Tip 4: Contact a Car Rental Company that Specializes in Under Age Car Rentals like Jolly Wheels. 

Young people that have trouble renting cars now have websites that they can go to for assistance in taking that road trip. Car Rental in America is insistent on car renters being of a certain age. Insurance companies and state laws understand the risks involved and allow car companies to impose minimum age to their consumers. There are some car rental companies that understand this problem better than others. Companies like Jolly Wheels Rent A Car make the problem almost non existent.

Car renting for young drivers has always been a tough decision for car rental companies. Jolly Wheels Rent A Car still allows  young driver car rentals and under 25 and even under 21 rentals. They are the best car rental company to use if you are underage and looking for San Francisco cheap rental cars, or one of any of the 7 cities where they have cars.

We understand that there are those that want to be treated as the older generation. That's why we created  under 25 car rental website. To give all those that can drive a chance to experiance and enjoy a great freedom.

TIP #1 - Establishing Credit

Establishing credit is not as scary as some may think. Go to your local back or click here to send a message to a representative at Chase Bank. Car Rental is very similar to a loan. You are being given something worth over $15,000 and you are expected to return it. Just like a bank loan, car rental companies like to obtain information like your name your address etc. If you don't have a credit card most companies will want to qualify you as a renter by doing a credit check or checking the length of your employment. Also in the event that the car is not returned on time, they have some leads as to where the car might be to be repossessed. To avoid all the red tape, establish credit early.

TIP #2 - Young and Old Swap

Another choice would be to allow an older friend or family member to rent the car while you borrow theirs. Of course you would want to select someone whom has a car that you like and they would need to be within driving distance of where you will be. If your friend or family member has an older model car, this is  actually good. It would be easier to convince them to drive a later model rental car at no cost in exchange for the use of their car.

 TIP #3 - Advanced Planning

Things rarely go smoothly if you wait till the last minute to do things. You should plan your trip ahead of time.

If you are planning the trip with a group of people be sure to set your dates early enough to finalize your arrangements. Since most of your accommodations including hotel, airfare and car rental will require some sort of deposit. Let your group know about the costs and expenses ahead of time. Collect deposits so that you know who is serious.

TIP #4- Finding the Right Company

There's not to many companies that offer car rentals for renters under 25 or under 21. Jolly Wheels is a new service that allow young drivers to rent cars for a very competitive price. Young Driver Rentals is something that they specialize in.

Jolly Wheels Rent A Car is a good place to start when it comes to Young Driver Rentals. In some cases their young driver fee can be waived. Use Promotional Code from this article to have young driver fee waived.

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